What can I say, Jen? You are an amazing, honest person with a kind heart.

You helped me understand editing and pointed out what I needed to improve on the most with my writing skills. Your work and service have been perfection. I’m so glad I stumbled upon a gem that would take time from her day just to sit down and help others. Not only did you edit, but you showed me where my mistakes were and how to fix them. I’ve learned so much from you and can’t thank you enough.

Marilla Garden, “It Takes Only One Night

Working with you has been an amazing experience!

I didn’t think you would use your time and critique my work so thoroughly. It has helped me out a lot. I was so confused and so not motivated to finish this story, but now I can’t wait! I want to go back and check on all my mistakes, use my time and actually put time and effort into this work. I’m so glad you could help me out, especially when no one else could. Without you, all this would be impossible, and I’m forever thankful!

Not only are you a good and passionate writer, but you also have a colorful personality, which I really loved. And most people don’t appreciate “nazi grammars” but I believe that without you guys, people like me wouldn’t stand a chance in the book market! Nonetheless, I really loved working with you and I really hope you’ll want to work with me again in the future, because I know I want to.

– Nomaira, “Black Coffee

I had been searching for an editor like Jen for a long time, so I was so excited when I found her page and was put on her client waiting list.

She promised she would finish “Broken Wings” no matter what, and she has kept that promise. Jen is reliable, kind, and an amazing editor. She knows what she is doing and has immensely improved my manuscript, and I am so grateful for all the valuable time she’s put into it. She is so encouraging and has made so many suggestions about things I would have never even thought about fixing. I really appreciate all she’s done for me!

Ellie Rose, “Broken Wings

When you are searching for a person who is not just your book’s editor, but also your friend with whom you can share your silliest fear regarding your writing or story, Jen fits that role and much more.

Jen is not just editing my book, “I Crave My Savior.” She is helping me understand my book better. She is keeping an eye on the things she can explain to me so I can improve, not just for “I Crave My Savior,” but for so much more in my future. She encourages my strengths and gently tells me about my mistakes. She doesn’t push me if I repeat mistakes she has already told me about. She corrects them, she mentions them, but she never laughs at them.

Jen knows it’s hard to write because she is an amazing writer herself. I have worked with many editors in my small writing journey but never have I found this much commitment in one editor. She is one of the nicest people I’ve come across on Wattpad. Believe me, she’ll make you love your own writing. Thank you, Jen, for accepting my request to be my editor. I hope to be fortunate enough to continue working with you on many more of my upcoming projects.

– starhavens, “I Crave My Savior

If you’re like me, grammatically challenged, a tad dyslexic, or just don’t care if your writing is legible or not, then you should definitely contact jgfairytales Services.

She’ll work hard to help you, too hard, even when one doesn’t listen, but enough about me and my faults. You should absolutely listen because she sincerely tries to help you, and that is a lot rarer than people like to think.

Nick F. East, “The Last Philosopher

Working with Jen has been a very refreshing experience.

I had no idea that someone could be so confident in their writing. I thank Jen for pushing me to grow as a writer. She has helped me a lot with my first book, and she’s still doing that. From catching every error to suggesting ideas making it better, Jen has helped me a lot, and I am quite confident now. Now, I find myself making fewer errors thanks to Jen, again. It has been an incredible learning process. I definitely plan on working with Jen for all my future projects. I really appreciate her advice and help.

Humaira Azad, “Lust After Eden

Jen is really a very kind and generous person.

I’m really glad that I found her in Wattpad’s editorial forum and she accepted my request for helping out in editing. My book is completed and I already edited it like 4-5 times, but I’m still not satisfied. The way Jen works is different. She will give you suggestions, notes, and examples to help you improve. She will also encourage you to write more efficiently.

Thank you so much for helping me out in correcting grammatical mistakes, description, flow of story, etc. I don’t think anyone will give their valuable time… just to help another person’s story, but she is doing this amazing job. Now, she has started an amazing book so that any author can edit their work.

New Bubble Jet, “Foreign Boy Took My Heart

I have to say that Jen is so nice and so cooperative.

Sometimes people hesitate to talk to new people, but I didn’t get that hesitation from working with her. Jen has been so helpful in improving my writing. Her style of editing is amazing, and it helped me highlight my mistakes and blunders. Her delivery is fast, and I was stunned by her speed. Lastly, I can say that I am so grateful for Jen’s help!

Kainat Rupanzel, “Gains and Losses

*Testimonials have been edited for clarity and/or length.

Please feel free to add your own testimony in the comment section below.

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