“Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Guide to Writing, Revising, & Publishing” by Jennifer Gioia

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  • Do you find yourself with too many typos?
  • Grammar and spelling tools do not always find your slip-ups?
  • Is English grammar just not your thing?
  • Are you a victim of writer’s block?
  • Do your characters’ personalities fall flat?
  • Is your dialogue boring?
  • Do you need help staying consistent with your points of view?
  • Are you struggling with figuring out the best genre for your work?
  • Have you finished your first draft and don’t know where to go from there?
  • Are you in the bulk of your revising stage and could use some guidance?

jgfairytales has compiled this guidebook together through her experience as a Wattpad editor and critic. She knows the struggles of the Wattpad writer. She wants to help you learn how to avoid those slip-ups again, and she does so with easy-to-understand writing.

Learn how to edit your work like an editor through these chapters full of detailed explanations, examples, guides, tips, and practice questions from yours truly.

After reading this guidebook, you will walk away with an understanding of (American) English grammar and the confidence to edit your work comfortably.

The end goal for every writer is, of course, publication. jgfairytales even has a few tips for you to reach that goal and how to stay on track.

jgfairytales has grown as an editor and critic from college courses, textbooks, guidebooks, editing and critiquing others’ work, and editing her work. All references used will be cited, so you may also refer to them if you wish to.

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