About jgfairytales

jgfairytales started as an aspiring writer’s WordPress.com blog and Wattpad.com username in 2009. It later became the brand for a pro bono editing and proofreading service for fiction, poetry, and academia.

In the summer of 2016, jgfairytales grew into a part-time enterprise offering extensive developmental editing services with personalized recommendations to emerging and self-published international authors at an affordable rate.

About the Freelancer

Cheers! My name is Jen. I have been writing fiction and poetry for more than a decade and editing for more than eight years now. My great love for writing and copy editing first developed when I was very young.

Thanks to my master’s and bachelor’s degrees in public relations and my communications career, I already excel at writing creatively to grab readers’ attention. I’m all about copyediting and offering constructive criticism. My grammar and spelling are always spot on (after at least one edit).

As of January 2020, I have been an editor and critic to more than 30 emerging authors. I have also been the editor to one emerging author for her debut novel, available now on Amazon.

Your’s could be next!

Five fun facts about Jen:

  1. My dog, Oliver, is adopted, so I’m not sure of his exact breed, but he’s a hound-terrier mix.
  2. Besides all things fiction, my second passion is a tie between cooking and interior design.
  3. I’m part of a book club. If you have a book you think I’d love, let me know! We read almost everything.
  4. During the day, I am the communications public relations manager for a national nonprofit.
  5. I believe you can always learn more, no matter how old you are!SaveSave