If you’re like me, grammatically challenged, a tad dyslexic, or just don’t care if your writing is legible or not, then you should definitely contact jgfairytales Services. She’ll work hard to help you, too hard, even when one doesn’t listen, but enough about me and my faults.


You should absolutely listen because she sincerely tries to help you, and that is a lot rarer than people like to think.

Nick F. East, “The Last Philosopher”

First, I got to say that Jen is so nice and so cooperative. Sometimes people hesitate to talk to new people, but I didn’t get that hesitation from working with her. Jen has been so helpful in improving my writing. Her style of editing is amazing, and it helped me highlight my mistakes and blunders. Her delivery is fast, and I was stunned by her speed. Lastly, I can say that I am so grateful for Jen’s help!

Kainat Rupanzel, “Gains and Losses”