StarHavens, “I Crave My Savior”

When you are searching for a person who is not just your book’s editor, but also your friend with whom you can share your silliest fear regarding your writing or story, Jen fits that role and much more.


Jen is not just editing my book, “I Crave My Savior.” She is helping me understand my book better. She is keeping an eye on the things she can explain to me so I can improve, not just for “I Crave My Savior,” but for so much more in my future.


She encourages my strengths and gently tells me about my mistakes. She doesn’t push me if I repeat mistakes she has already told me about. She corrects them, she mentions them, but she never laughs at them.


Jen knows it’s hard to write because she is an amazing writer herself. I have worked with many editors in my small writing journey but never have I found this much commitment in one editor. She is one of the nicest people I’ve come across on Wattpad. Believe me, she’ll make you love your own writing.


Thank you, Jen, for accepting my request to be my editor. I hope to be fortunate enough to continue working with you on many more of my upcoming projects.