Nomaira, “Black Coffee”

Working with you has been an amazing experience! I didn’t think you would use your time and critique my work so thoroughly. It has helped me out a lot. I was so confused and so not motivated to finish this story, but now I can’t wait! I want to go back and check on all my mistakes, use my time and actually put time and effort into this work. I’m so glad you could help me out, especially when no one else could. Without you, all this would be impossible, and I’m forever thankful!


Not only are you a good and passionate writer, but you also have a colorful personality, which I really loved. And most people don’t appreciate “nazi grammars” but I believe that without you guys, people like me wouldn’t stand a chance in the book market! Nonetheless, I really loved working with you and I really hope you’ll want to work with me again in the future, because I know I want to.