_LovePenny, “Friends With The King Of The Underworld”

Jen has been an absolute godsend. She’s incredibly kind and really, truly wants you to succeed and learn. Her book “How to Edit like an Editor” has been incredibly insightful and I used it for reference as often as I could. As soon as she announced she had availability for her editing services, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am so very happy that Jen was able to look at my work. She has the uncanny ability to look over and find anything that you may need help on. She gives suggestions and will explain if you ask (happened to me a couple of times). She shows you references you can use that are relevant to what she feels may need to be worked on further. She also leaves really great comments as she reads to let you know what she thinks of your story. She helped me identify my weaknesses and helped me build on them. She’s made me a stronger writer and I’m incredibly grateful for her.