Featured Testimonials

Jen has been an absolute godsend. She’s incredibly kind and really, truly wants you to succeed and learn.

Her book “How to Edit like an Editor” has been incredibly insightful and I used it for reference as often as I could. As soon as she announced she had availability for her editing services, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am so very happy that Jen was able to look at my work. She has the uncanny ability to look over and find anything that you may need help on. She gives suggestions and will explain if you ask (happened to me a couple of times). She shows you references you can use that are relevant to what she feels may need to be worked on further. She also leaves really great comments as she reads to let you know what she thinks of your story. She helped me identify my weaknesses and helped me build on them. She’s made me a stronger writer and I’m incredibly grateful for her.

Lianne Danes, “Friends With The King Of The Underworld

When I started working with Jen on “Untethered,” I was, pardon the pun, at the end of my rope.

I had already tried a couple of editors who flaked out on me shortly before, or frankly, weren’t as good as advertised. I had been keeping my eye on the Help Desk forum on Wattpad for some time, hoping to come across someone that would take me and my writing seriously. I was incredibly fortunate to find Jen. From the very start, she was able to tell me how much she would be able to edit and how often—she has frequently done more. She was professional, helpful, and I felt she was excited to begin working with me.

Even better than first impressions, she followed through. She has worked through my book faster than promised, when able. Her comments are always direct and clear—she gives specific criticism, which I find extremely helpful. She has also been encouraging of my story and helping me find the best way to relate it. I would love to continue working with her on my future projects, and I am so appreciative of the time she’s dedicated to helping out us poor, undiscovered writers on Wattpad. If you get the chance to work with her, you should consider yourself incredibly fortunate.

Jessa Martell, “Untethered

If you’re looking for someone who is insightful and honest, then Jen is your girl.

She’s spot on with her editing abilities and brings to light details in your story that you didn’t realize were confusing or under-described. She asks all the right questions to get you thinking about how to improve your writing while also keeping you motivated and encouraged. She’s never harsh or negative with her comments but does let you know if a certain area could use improvement. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone in search for some in-depth editing and feedback.

Kari Neal, “Fig