“Always By My Never” by whippedheart

"Always By My Never" by whippedheart

Rossie Miller loved Josh Bishop, but there was one thing that pulled them apart-Josh Bishop was married and to a woman he didn’t really love. While Josh’s wife was never seen in his house every time Rossie stayed overnight, it took just one time to turn everything upside down.

What once was a beautiful, promising love, suddenly became a not-meant-to-be love.

Both Josh and Rossie had a past they didn’t share together. That could be the main reason why they should just give up their not-meant-to-be-love, but will they?


This book is dedicated to every girl out there who has lost her virginity not of her own volition-those who are Harvey Weinstein’s victims and the like.

Read “Always Be My Never” here.

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