“Broken Wings” by Ellie Rose

"Broken Wings" by Ellie Rose

It started on a night with broken glass.

First the glass, then the screams, and then the blood. And then their lives were changed forever.

It marked the beginning of her brother’s suffering.

As Else Schüffen struggles to define everything that is happening around her in Germany 1941, Maximilian faces a different kind of struggle. An adopted Jew in a Christian family, Max faces betrayal and loss; forgiveness and anger. Being a divided family with a Nazi as a brother, his fears become a reality. He must go into hiding, but with a different identity: Henrik Brandenburg, an Aryan shopkeeper.

And then there’s Else, a young Aryan girl in the midst of her brother’s tumult. Painting, it seems, is the only way of escape, and the only way to keep her brother Maximilian in her heart forever. And through it all, there is one thing that she learns. Sometimes, in order to survive, we must repair our broken wings and learn to fly again~

Read “Broken Wings” here.

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