“Fig” by K.D. Neal

"Fig" by K.D. Neal

The Eastern territory of Falu has finally been conquered. The minds of the people, warped. They live in luxury and seek passion. They murder innocence but encourage ignorance. Self-fulfillment is what they fight for, freedom is what they teach, deceit is how they succeed. It’s a world of beauty and flawless art, but beneath the surface beats the heart of power and corruption. They will stop at nothing.

Fig isn’t special. She doesn’t possess hidden power or astounding wisdom. Yet, she’s everything they are not.




She knows nothing of the darkness pumping through the veins of the planet she inhabits. But despite this, she holds the key to its survival. When her mind is awakened to the truth, she will have to decide who can be trusted and who must be destroyed.

Read “Fig” here.

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