“Gains & Losses” by Kainat Rupanzel

"Gains & Losses" by Kainat Rupanzel

Anna was a normal sophomore at Central City high school, despite the fact that she faced severe weight problems. Kids bullied her just due to her chubby appearance-only Anna never thought her best friend would eventually become one of those kids. For the sake of popularity, Emily ditched their 8-year friendship and became Anna’s worst nightmare-to top it all off, she stole Anna’s crush and left Anna a social pariah.

She chose a path of confidence instead of an afraid life!

Revenge becomes Anna’s only solution. Revenge against Emily, the kids of Central city high school, and everyone who’s ever made fun of her obesity. Anna Wilson is done playing nice.

What happens when a family secret is revealed? How is she going to cope with it? This may make her lose her gained confidence.

Read “Gains & Losses” here.

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