“A Dream of Nowhere” by Miriam Cortinovis

"A Dream of Nowhere" by Miriam Cortinovis

[The faster you run / The easier is to fly]

“Myrk was looking at a perfume billboard when they fired the first shot.”

April 12th, 2087.

During an ordinary day, the terrorist group called Merciful decides to stage one of their attacks. Myrk, on her way back to Iceland, finds herself hostage at their will. What the eighteen-years-old witnesses leaves a permanent scar, but something else, something more devastating happens that day. After two years of peace, Krym returns in Myrk’s life, and this time she’s determined not to fade.

Piece by piece, the lies constructed around Myrk begin to shatter, until only silence remains – the same silence that changed the world decades before. Left with nothing but ruination, Myrk is forced to flee, and seek shelter in the only place where people like her are allowed to live.

Even there, Myrk isn’t safe. Under the mysterious guidance of the Spinster, nine divergent lives come together as one team, that could destroy itself from within or rise to glory if united. Thrown in an elite world of human weapons, Myrk must learn the rules of the game, before it learns how to kill her. Above all, she must embrace balance and trust what she can’t see.

But in the chaos, Krym craves for darkness.

And so does Myrk.

[Book I of ‘The Chaos Theory’]

Read “A Dream of Nowhere” here.

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