“Love Bound” by zaiinzain

"Love Bound" by zaiinzain

Aster is an emotionally drained 17 year old girl, stuck in a physically tortured body. A psychotic mother, a non-existent father. A mistake.

Mr. Vervain appears out of the blue.
Mysterious, but human.
He trained himself to conceal every negative aspect that resides in his world.

Despite shielding the profoundness of his sorrow, it doesn’t prevent Aster from noticing the depth of his surface.

It takes both of them to realise, that someone out there has a painful story, an unstable life, secrets.. that mirror the cracks in their heart.


Two abused souls connect in a way that is so deep to the core. Find out how they break each others walls, only to heal one another.

Read “Love Bound” here.

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